Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Apple cider Chicken

Ok so I decided to make a recipe called Apple Cider Chicken. I was a Little scared because the first instructions it gave was to peel, slice and core an apple.....ok that is fine but then it said to saute it in 1 tbls of oil????? That is a first for me. Needless to say It turned out very Yummy. I served it on a bed of wide noodles with steamed mixed veggies. Not sure yet what I will make tonight but I cant wait! Until then ........

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  1. What A YUMMY adventure this has been visting Kari while she makes all these wonderful meals. The Apple Chicken was great! Kari's not only making great meals but its been comical watching her do things that she has never done. She is having a lot of fun doin it.