Saturday, January 2, 2010

So, today I started cooking in the weight watcher cookbook.....OMG. First of all I went to the store to get some (most) of the ingratiates I needed and I had to ask what bunch of (leafs) were parsley lol. I am making Beef Stew and Pumpkin apple bread for dessert. So the recipe called for DRY RED WINE. I bought RED WINE VINEGAR! So after i cut up all the stuff and poured in the vinegar, It was obviously I had to start over, so I did. The bread will be done in 20 min and smells yummy. Diets are hard but f I continue to cook new recipes from weight watchers It will be easy:) Weight watchers was only open til 10am today so I am going in on Monday. Till later


  1. Congrates Kari on your first meal! I tasted it folks and it was wonderful... I wonder what she will make for us tomorrow.

  2. That's funny! I've done that so many times too!